Put-In Love

In this installation,
the artist appropriates the iconic balaclava worn

by the Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot to invest it as a fashion icon. The concept merges the figures of Marie Antoinette Amélie Poulain (derived from the name of the concept store it was created for, Amélie au Théatre, for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out) as the epitome of feminine power and independence as created through love and illusion for a man in a patriarchal system. The objectification of the symbol and the celebration of the feminine body as it really is invites the spectator to utter a cry for freedom and self-expression against medievally outdated forms of life that, instead of the heads, incarcerate the feminine body under layers of dusty cloths.

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2012-09-11 16.59.58
2012-09-15 16.19.45
2012-09-15 16.56.12
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