Casa Planes Heritage Brief

Time has passed since majestic Casa Planas, former neuralgic centre of El Terreno district, was demolished.

As many in Mallorca may remember, those were the headquarters of one of the most iconic photography studios in Palma. During the last century, and thanks to Mr Plana’s efforts, the people’s traditions were documented. His pictures provide a document with a certain aesthetic and ethnographic value by capturing striking moments of daily life: the sixties, the arrival of tourism, bodies lying at the beach, the exoticism of local traditions.
In this site-specific project, the author attempts to recreate the patrimonial value of the study down from its remainders. To do so he invests garbage, the spoils of a formerly glorious and emblematic building, by granting it the museum-like value of an emotionally charged heritage. Stemming from the concept of non-lieumade widespread by anthropologist Marc Augé, the building’s ruins take on symbolic value, an identity, and embody the authority of a museum with a content of its own. Israel therefore prevents the building from being discarded while recalling how relative the value of things is.

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