Burnout: Prato do dia

The current system generates all forms of violence

which are imposed on those who are part of the capitalist force. However, in this installation the artist ideates a solution for when the only thing that is on your table after a long day of work is burnout: to invite the pass-byers to throw agains the wall plates filled up with their own preoupations, thus exorcising their bad feelings with an excelently conceived form of sublimation. Situated in a trendy Lisbon district, the installation also had a twenty meters long wall full of dishes full with the different forms of a burnout menu and an after dark room where the assistants were invited to think about themselves in order to find new self-fulfillment paths. In the end, like John Donne said, “any men is an island, isolated of himself,” and so it is necessary to sometimes let go and refuse.

parede 6m
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